Frequently Asked Questions

At Arise Concreting we are often frequently asked questions about our services and what to expect. Below are just a few, please reach out if you don't find an answer here.

What would you like to know?

Yes!  We are a fully licenced and insured QBCC contractor.  Please see at the footer of the site.

We can certainly walk you through the application process with council and advise you how it all works, however we encourage you to submit this yourself.

We have many different colours and textures to choose from in  our range of exposed aggregrate, coloured concrete, plain nonslip or stenciled concrete finishes. 

We do. Our team can give you a diagnosis as to why your old concrete is deteriorating and provide the best outcome how to remove it and install a new surface.


The longer you leave your concrete to cure , the better. We typically recommend waiting 12-24 hours before walking and 7 days before driving on it.

The recipe for concrete is simple. Aggregate, sand, water and cement. This combines to make quite a porous product that expands, contracts and cracks as a natural occurrence.

We strategically place expansion cuts in your slab to greatly reduce the risk of visible cracking.

This will enhance the look of your driveway by giving it a glossy finish and more importantly, greatly extend the life of your new surface with its hard wearing film.

The clear coat has limited flexibility and provides excellent resistance to sunlight, oil, grease and general tyre marks.


By choosing your own concretor to supply you with a new driveway, footpath or alfresco area, you will have a lot more control over the size, shape, and colours on your project.

When you contact the Arise team, we will meet you onsite to discuss your plans, and provide you with a written quote that you can include in your finance.

Furthermore, the cost savings compared to the builders markup can be substantial!


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